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Collectible Model Cars

Take advantage of the low prices on our selection of die-cast cars. These model cars are priced very affordably, offering you a great rate on bulk orders. Contact Sailing (U.S.) International Corp., in Hackensack, New Jersey, to learn more about our collection of reasonably priced die-cast cars and the other items we sell, including lanyards and key chains.

Diecast Cars and Tour Bus

Imported Die-Cast Cars From China

Each car is made from top-quality materials in accordance with the US Toy Safety Commission Standards. They are painted to resemble full-size versions, and even feature a "pullback action", allowing you to pull the car back, so it will drive forward. Some of the cars are free-wheeled, and some have working doors and hoods.

The cars are designed to scale, with the 1/36 scale model being our most popular version. They are licensed with the major car manufacturers, and are imported directly from China. Cars range in price from $24.00 each to $60.00 for a dozen.

The other popular model toys we carry include:

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